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July 08, 2010



How is this better than just going to your 3d view and doing Orient to view?


Becca I think the idea is that this actually slices the model by level, so you see just one floor at a time. The Orient to View function you mention in Revit just orients the camera to the view you're looking at, without slicing.


Becca, you're correct. It effectively will give the same result as an Orient to View. However, it takes that process, which can be tedius to do accurately and repeatedly, and simplifies it into a 1-click, repeatable process, which can produce multiple "slices" with varying visibility settings all at once.

Julie Lara

Couldn't the same floor filtered section view be accomplished with a 3D section? One could adjust the boundery cut planes in all directions (x,y,z).

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