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December 08, 2009


Jason Pratt

Oh, yes and my PSPI? It's 88. A bit on the high side.

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Amazing!that's really great...i'm really glad to hear this goodnews!..i believe it would really be a big help for me and the people who work with electronic drawings as well.

cna certification test

Wow what a nice Envelope!! Hmm by looking at it, im sure it has a lot of hope to give..

Things to do in York

This is very useful! Brilliant idea! :)


Very nice, perfect for multitasking.

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If you are planning to appear for the CNA test from the state of Florida then, you should remember that in Florida, Prometric has the responsibility to CNA Exam.

Ron Ewing

Is this Blog officially dead?

Jimbob Jones

What a useful index! I expect a linear progression of productivity output per inch on monitors that I deploy in my organization. Any worker here who does not fulfill their productivity quota based on the PSPI, I let go. Another helpful metric for management to quantify maximization points.

Tina de Pierre

@Ron I think so.

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