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December 17, 2007



I still don't get it. Is there anyway to see an example?

Mike Gemmell

Hey, that roof looks familiar!

Mike Gemmell

Hey, that roof looks familiar!

Tony Greene

As this is the correct way to convert 2-dimensional surface area into actual 3-dimensional surface area if you are trying to draw a 3D roof from takeoffs of a 2D the process is just as easy. Most 2D plans will show a slope as shown in the table above, this is nothing more than a ratio of rise/run. If a roof shows a pitch of 6:12 (6" of rise to every 12" of run"), it is half as tall as it is wide, 3:12 would be a quarter and so on and so forth

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Autodesk is amazing. I have just moved onto Autodesk after learning to use Autocad. This program has given me an enormous advantage in deign. If only I had this ten years ago. These roof pitches would have been so easy to calculate. I especially like the 3D advantage.

Nuri Rossignol

What program did you use back then? It seems like this was very useful for your profession. Well, it would be good if updates were made for this program because aspiring architects and interior designers out there can definitely find this useful. Thanks for sharing this simple tip, btw.

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