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May 08, 2007


Fernando Lopes

Hi, greetings from Portugal.

I work in a company wich use buzzsaw, and i am trying to access buzzsaw via API in c#, to sincronyze our system with buzzSaw, I can do almost everything required, but i have a problem when i need to create new users in my buzzsaw server.

When I do this :

UserProfile[] userProfilesNovos = memberManagementProxy.CreateUsers(userProfiles, true);

This error apears :

SoapException unhandled by user code

The folloing operations failed : ,0 --> The folloing operations failed : ,0

Any ideia of what this is and how i can solve it?

Did you change anything in the buzzsaw API that causes this error?

Thanks a lot.

Jim Johnson

Are there any plans for an API to the document metadata in Buzzsaw?

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