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February 06, 2007



Do you know anyone successfully using Groove 2007 (The new MS Groove) to share/edit AutoCAD files?
We are trying it but are finding 2 serious problems sharing files. Basically xrefs don’t work within the Groove file sharing tool & AutoCAD files don’t sync within a Groove Folder Sharing Workspace.
Not Good.

Just wondering if you know anyone working in this direction.

Mike Gemmell


Groove is agnostic when it comes to file type. It looks at the files at a binary level and doesn't care what type of file it is. This is great in that it is flexible, the drawback is that doesn't offer any additional features for drawing files. Because of this it is completely unaware of the concept of XREFS.

If you are looking for a solution that is XREF aware, I recommend you try Buzzsaw. It will find your XREFs automatically when you upload and download.

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