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January 26, 2007


Scott Sheppard

I believe Microsoft is working on a version of Office that is server based. It is conceivable that users would pay for time used instead of purchasing the software up front at full price and then using it in an unlimited fashion.

Scott Sheppard

DWF is an open standard. Some people confuse "open" with "proprietary." Autodesk listens to its customers in terms of making changes to the format instead of following a slow-moving committee process. I guess that makes DWF proprietary; however, Autodesk provides the DWF specification, and even the source code for reading and writing DWF files, to anyone free of charge - even competitors. How much more open can you get? Furthermore DWF is based on other industry standards such as ZIP/ZLIB, XML, JPG/PNG/bitonal-G4-Tiff, and HSF. So although there is no specific ISO standard's body for DWF itself, DWF is an open standard made from formats that are industry standards.


Thanks Scott, I think the open source code available for free and using other accepted industry standards like Zip and XML to base DWF on is great! Perhaps we'll have to come up with another term for our 'openness'. Something like 'open with out the anchor' or 'open w/o the bureaucracy’.

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